So today was the day I finally handed over my notice at my job of 9 years to pursue my dream of becoming a full time travel photographer. If you happened to just stumble upon my page, here’s a little insight on me.. I’m Ashley (better known as Tugs), a 25 year old from Bristol in the U.K. and I have an insatiable hunger for all things travel. My first big adventure came when I took three months out to travel around Australia, and within a few weeks of being home the urge to leave again was almost tangible. This urge has taken me to 17 countries, a number which I hope will continue to grow, whilst I capture the magic and diversity of each different place through the eye of my camera lens.

A few weeks ago, I turned 25. I’ve been around a quarter of a century and feel like I’ve suddenly hit a crossroad; it presents me with two options. Left looks like this: I continue working in a job that I know I’m good at, I’m comfortable with and that will eventually help me buy a house, build and support a family. Right however, is slightly hazier: I leave my comfort zone and put myself out there to follow my dreams.. something few people do, because of all of the fear society instills into them when they don’t do what’s known as ‘the norm’. I’ve decided that with happiness there comes uncertainty, and I’m not going to know, unless I try. So I’m putting a whole lot of faith into myself, and embracing the unknown. I’m going right….

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My first stop
I am absolutely over the moon to announce that I have already secured not one but two photography jobs in a country I fell in love with 2 years ago… Croatia! I will be teaming up with sailweekcroatia and sail2sonus throughout the summer starting in July and I can not wait to get started. It will be my first photography job so with that comes a lot of nerves but I’m relishing the challenge of living on a boat and capturing images for these two fantastic companies.
Interested in joining for the greatest week on a yacht whilst sailing the Dalmatian coast? Check out prices and availability here:


Why I’m blogging
Since being young I’ve always had a crazy imagination and loved story telling but grammar has never been one of my strongest points, so if you’re going to follow my journey please know that now haha. I’ve decided to blog purely to challenge myself and inspire others to follow their dreams, If its fails what have I got to loose. My blogs will consist of my adventure, places and people I find along the way and travel tips such as good hostels places to eat for other travellers traveling on a budget and more images of these places I visit. The name of my blog comes from a song by an artist I have loved for years named Stu Larsen the song is called some kind of gypsy I’ve changed the final word to gypsea as the sea is my happy place, where I feel free and  spend most of my time. I hope you can all follow me on this new adventure of becoming a vagabond and I’m excited to hear your feedback and comments. you can find me on Instagram @tugs_ward

until the next blog….

Croatian blues