The restless rate of a travellers heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are tangled together; a ‘travel fever’ that can manifest as an illness. A feeling I know most travellers will feel before they set off and with only just 8 days to go before my new life starts and a hell of a lot to get sorted I can easily say I am experiencing resfeber. The excitement to get going now is uncontainable but the nerves are creeping in. With all other trips I’ve done I’ve always known when I was coming home or roughly and knew I always had a job to come back to, this time there is no security net there is no safe job with good wage and that’s where the anxiety creeps in. Saying bye and walking away from a company I started as a blonde spotty 16-year-old was never going to be easy. It’s a job I have fond memories of and a job that has allowed me to travel the way I have the last few years, it’s also a job that has allowed me to meet some truly great friends younger and older whom I know I will stay in touch with and who have watched me grow from that 16-year-old boy to the man I am today, so thank you and goodnight!


Croatia bound
If you read my first blog you will know my first stop is Croatia, there I will be teaming up with SailWeekCroatia for over 2 months as we island hop each week. To book your trip follow the link below and check out the awesome sale they have on.  This is my first full-time photography job and their putting their trust in me to deliver. I would say this is where thee rest of my anxiety comes from, not because I’m afraid I can’t because I’ve become confident now in my work but the fear of the unknown, the what ifs. I’ve already experienced my first knock back in this job which was bit of a bitter pill to swallow but one I think works better for me in the long run. I know with this job its something I will experience a lot and I will have to hustle for the work a lot harder but I honestly can’t wait to push myself outside my comfort zone and hustle like a young 50 cent minus the drugs. My next big question is what the hell do I pack? I have so much camera equipment and always feel I need it all when half the time I don’t so its going to be a choice between less equipment and more clothes or more equipment less clothes. I need to chose wisely so if anyone else has had this predicament please let me know what you went for, I’m swaying towards more equipment right now. I’ve been getting asked quite often what camera I use, so for those interested I use a Canon 6d with an ef 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens and a Nikon d3200 with an 18-55mm lens also have a fuji film instax mini 8 (Polaroid).


Goodbye old friend
For those who know me my van Keiko is a huge part of me and where ever I go she goes mainly because she’s my mode of transport but you get the jist. I have only had her for a year but what a year its been with almost eight thousand miles covered twelve separate trips away and endless amounts of nights spent sleeping in her not to add how many memories made. She was my escape in some very hard times and I will miss her like crazy but I know she’s going to a good home and she’s now my funds for my new adventure. Having a van you can escape the shit from day-to-day life in is one of the best things and something I know no matter where I settle it will be something I will need in my life. Good hunting Keiko. It’s now time to say the real goodbyes to family, friends and pets something I have never been great with and something I’m dreading the most but with one goodbye comes a new hello.

Until the journey has started…

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