My first day began with a mile long walk in the 27 degree heat, with my life supplies on my back, complete with camera gear.. as if my nerve induced sweat wasn’t enough. However I soon realised the nerves weren’t necessary, I was welcomed with open arms by people who seven weeks later I now consider family. Seven weeks of sailing from island to island, calling the boat my home, the camera my tool and the ever changing landscape my work.. 49 days on the beautiful Dalmatian Coast, something that in the past I only could’ve dreamed about


Never think your not good enough

F ake

E evidence

A ppearing

R eal

Don’t ever think you’re not good enough. I started this journey with an inner battle of self doubt.. ‘I’m not going to be good enough’, ‘my work won’t be up to their standard’, ‘what if I’ve made the wrong decisions’. Just a few of the many thoughts that made my approach into this experience somewhat of an internal conflict. Whilst battling with your own thoughts is never fun, passing through it is, and I passed.. with nothing less than flying colours. After just a few days of putting my camera to use, I was receiving incredible feedback on my photos, and I had surprised myself. As the weeks went on, my work flow got faster and the rhythm of taking candid shots of the guests on the boat became second nature to me.

All of this probably never would’ve happened had I taken my thoughts a bit more seriously. Self doubt is easy, what’s hard is self trust.. trusting in your own abilities, qualities and judgement is a skill in itself. But by putting yourself out there, doing the thing that scares you most and never allowing those thoughts to define you, you can be the best you.

‘Being brave isn’t the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it’.circle raft-25.jpg


Where do I start? Sailing the party week for 6 weeks and adventure route for one seeing split, supatar, makaska, bol, vis, hvar, korcula, mljet and Dubrovnik I become to know these places some more then others from partying in cave clubs in makaska to exploring the island of vis on a scooter I saw a lot if anyone had doubts about visiting any of these places think again you need to get there and get there now the gorgeous clean ocean and the scenic landscapes not to mention the local traditional foods and friendly locals. I can’t give you any details on accommodation but i can say do sailweekcroatia and it will be the best week of your life’s.

Thank you all

I want to say a huge thank you to sailweekcroatia for giving me this incredible opportunity. Thank you to every skipper and crew who helped me, taught me, partied with me, swore at me in Croatian you are all incredible! Thank you to everyone behind the scense letting me be as creative and loose with my camera. Every single one of you are amazing and I hope to see you all again soon!

What’s next for me.

As I sit in a car driving through Slovenia my life has changed a lot since my last blog. My love for the ocean has grown, my passion for sailing and the urge for travel grows greater each day. I have a week of exploring and making my way to Germany before flying to Greece with sailweek for an exploration trip which I can’t wait for but after that who knows where at the moment. The best plan is no plan….me and anna-1.jpgwork-1-4.jpg