Having  lived in Bali for 3 months its feels right I do my top 20 things to do rather than a whole blog on my time there. Im going to count you down on what I enjoyed doing and think you will also.

  1. Miss Sippy – Okay call me bias as this was my work place for the 3 months I was there but this day club is really something you have to experience. Its amazing tropical vibe music, incredible food and salt water pool with 5 meter diving board this place has it all its a great spot to spend the day sipping cocktails and soaking up the atmosphere.Mrs Sippy 1-1-18-88
  2. Tegenungan waterfalls – An Incredible waterfall near Ubud where you can spend a few hours taking in the beauty and getting some great snaps.13-11-17-136
  3. Nyang-nyang beach – In Uluwatu this beach really is something else, white sands and ship wrecks on the beach. Just be prepared its bit of a hike coming back up but more then worth it.
  4. Old mans – Old mans bar where do I start. This place goes off and especially on a Wednesday, great backpacker atmosphere and beer pong competition each week (yes I did win out of 48 teams no biggie) if partying isn’t you thing just go for happy hour at sunset and take some cool pictures on the famous wall.
  5. Crate Cafe – My mouth waters thinking about this place. The food is insane especially the salad bowls and its great value for money also a really cool place to hang out, meet new people and get some work done.
  6. Pretty poison- In the middle of the Canggu short cut this place is amazing. A skate bowl where everyone sits around and drinks as the skaters show off their best tricks. Very different to any other bar you will go
  7. Hire a surf board – When you think of Bali you think of surf so hire yourself a board for an hour and give it a shot.drone-2-2
  8. Eat at a local warung – here you will find some of the best local food and for such a good price.
  9. Dreamland beach – Again in Uluwatu this beach is beautiful to spend the day soaking up the rays.
  10. Mount Agung – I was lucky enough to see this volcano erupt and it was worth the 3 hour scooter ride and dead bum even if its not erupting go check it out from the stairway to heaven temple.volcano-1
  11. Hire a scooter – Its the best and cheapest way around Bali, although the roads seem like chaos when you first arrive their not so bad and its easy just make sure you wear your helmet.
  12. Tirta Empul – Known as the holy water temple this place is a must. Get yourself into the water and cleanse your soul.
  13. Money forrest – Take a walk through the forrest surrounded by cheeky monkeys as they swing and run all over the place.
  14. Tegalalang rice fields – Bali being know for its famous rice fields these are the most famous, although  very touristy its worth a visit.
  15. Sand Bar –  The ultimate afterparty each night on the beach. Get drunk to the early hours whilst dancing bare foot on the sand with your friends.
  16. Get a massage – Do I need to stay anymore? Super cheap and super good
  17. Tahnan Lot –  A temple in the ocean, this place is very busy but nice to see (If you want to know a secret spot to get a an image without any tourist in message me)11-1-18-37
  18. The Gillis/Lombok – Although not technically Bali its the hub to get there so get a ferry across and spend a few days on the islands.
  19. Stay in Canggu – I get asked alot where is the best place to stay in Bali and for me its here. Canggu is such a cool area not so built up with a real nice vibe, great restaurants/cafe and good nightlife. I 100% recommend you stay here.
  20. Respect the local culture – Indonesians are very friendly and nice people, always be respectful and embrace their culture


If you want any further information on Bali feel free to ask and I will try my best to help you. You can also check out more photos from my time in Bali on my Instagram @tugs_ward