I haven’t wrote in a while where I have been so busy but after a crazy summer I decided to come “home” to rest and felt it was what I needed. If you have travelled before and returned back home you will all know this feeling I am about to talk about and its not a nice one, in fact for me its the worse part of traveling.

Since I left home in July 2017 home has always been a place in the back of my mind where my family and friends were but not somewhere I missed. I returned home in May to surprise everyone for 3 weeks before heading off again and in the 10 months of being away I changed a lot and had some of the best experiences of my life. I had travelled before a couple months and new this feeling a little but nothing prepared me for it this time coming home or now being back again.

Picture this you travel the world expereincing things dreams are made of from swimming with sharks to watching sunsets from the beach in a hammock exploring places you didn’t even know existed. Spending your days making hundreds of new friends who you share all this incredible stuff with hitch hike through old towns and getting completely lost and partying under the stars. You put yourself totally out of your comfort zone everyday to meet new people or get help finding somewhere from someone who doesn’t speak a word of the language. Experiences you would never in your normal life before travel find yourself in. You laugh, you cry, you love, you grow to come home and sit on your bed and feel like none of these things even happened like the last months of all this greatness didn’t exist and were just a dream which flashed by in the blink of an eye. As the days pass you begin to notice more that nothing changed at home at all. Yes there may be new buildings or you parents may have decorated a room but nothing has changed. Everyone remains in same mindset doing the same tasks they did everyday before you left. Moaning about the most pointless stuff that we take for granted but then you start to notice one really big change and thats in yourself. The person you once was is a distant memory, your outlook on life is now so much different you truly value the beauty of the earth and everything you have done. You have more patients and more clarity in your head and thats when it hurts. No one at all will know what you went through the adventures you took the memories you made they will ask but after 10 minutes you will be back to them talking about some daily task they really don’t want to do or how much they hate their job. This gets to much and slowly sucks you back in and then you become living in this pattern again but something doesn’t feel right. Each time I go and come home this feeling gets worse maybe its because I am growing more as a person and doing more amazing stuff each time or maybe I’ve just outgrown my city and now this is the life for me. I love everyone at home my friends my family and its the only thing keeping me sane when I do come home but I don’t know maybe im just speaking for myself because I know people who have come home and loved being back but for me this isn’t the case.